Opening of the Srebrenica Documentation Center

Srebrenica Documentation Center

ICTY’s Vice-President Carmel Agius during the opening ceremony

Last month, the SENSE News agency has inaugurated the Srebrenica Documentation Center. The purpose of the Center is to show how the events in July 1995 in Srebrenica were investigated, reconstructed and prosecuted before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Members of the many victims’ associations such as the Mothers of Srebrenica, political representatives from BH, the diplomatic corps and non-governmental organizations from Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica and entire region were present at the opening ceremony. The opening attracted a lot of media interest.

Various representatives addressed the audience. Amongst them, the speech of the ICTY’s vice-president Carmel Agius caused a great deal of interest. The Maltese judge sees the opening of the Center as an important aspect of the Tribunal’s legacy and the best way to present the Tribunal’s work and to put the archives from The Hague to use.

The crimes committed in July 1995 in Srebrenica have been the subject of nine trials before the ICTY. While covering those trials and reporting daily on the courtroom developments, SENSE has accumulated volumes of material: thousands of hours of video footage of witnesses’ testimonies, including survivors, investigators and perpetrators; video recordings from July 1995; crime scene and aerial photos; as well as military documents seized in the headquarters of units involved in July 1995 attack on the protected area.

The Documentation Center has not been established to paint a full picture of all the events and all the crimes committed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina or in the area of Srebrenica but to show, based on the materials used in court, how the

events in July 1995 have been investigated, reconstructed and prosecuted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

For a video about the opening of the Documentation Center, click here.