Launch of an Online Forum on the Extraordinary African Chambers

Chambres Africaines ExtraordinairesAn interactive forum on the Extraordinary African Chambers (CAE) has been launched online.

This forum was chosen to bring information on the proceedings following the agreement between the African Union and Senegal to prosecute “those primarily responsible for international crimes committed in Chad between 1982 and 1990” to the attention of people in Senegal, Chad, Africa and throughout the world.

Since the beginning of 2014, an outreach campaign has made it easier for people in Chad and Senegal to access information through meetings, public debates and information workshops taking place in the capital and in the provinces. These events involve the general public, CAE members, administrative and judicial authorities of Chad and Senegal, lawyers, victims, researchers, the media and civil society. The campaign also aims to encourage debate around the contribution of the CAE in the framework of international criminal justice.

Dialogue and an opportunity to express concerns are at the forefront of activities in the field. In addition to the official court communication, outreach activities developed by other international courts have already played a key role – particularly in Sierra Leone and Cambodia – in bringing justice to the people concerned.

The interactive online forum has been created to facilitate this link. It offers:

• Detailed information on the CAE and the different parties to

the proceedings;

• Articles, photos and videos which enable people to follow the campaign activities;

• A “news room” which makes it possible for journalists from Chad and Senegal to exchange information;

• Three forums which enable civil society organisations, researchers and the general public to hold discussions.

The online interactive forum on the Extraordinary African Chambers is in French and will soon be available in Arabic and English.

To access the forum, click here.